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With my work in Apple, I have an hour each day that I can fully devote to eating.




Sydney’s so big and so diverse that i can always get whatever it is that I fancy for that day. From noodle bars to Italian pizzas, from chinese takeaways to French crepes, from even German bakeries to Japanese sushis.

It was just a foodie’s heaven.

Yet despite all this, there’s always one place that can expect me to come most of my lunchtime.


Yeah, I know right? It’s either them or that Coles deli across the street where I buy some chicken and instant noodles and combine them together in the microwave.

So anyway, I was in mcDonalds the other that and I just had a thought pop up to me. It was like some kind of film playing in my head. It was Soooooooo weird…

I saw this dad with his son, and they bought cheeseburgers. The dad had two drinks and while he was eating, the kid reached out to take one of it, but the dad didn’t allow him, saying: “don’t drink that.”

Weirdest thing ever I tell you.

So straight away my reaction was actually similar to the kid’s.


And thats when I came back from my daydreaming, broken by the awesome phrase “next please!”

When I sat down, I can’t stop thinking.


Why can’t that kid have a drink?

I mean c’mon, you got two on the table there, you can’t drink both. The reason why you actually bought two was to give one for your son right? So why is it now you’re actually forbidding him to drink?

It really didn’t make sense.

What a nonsense one-liner.

I’m now in church.

Yeah my daydreams are crazy like that. One moment I’m munching on my deluxe chicken the next moment I see myself in a church. But that wasn’t the weird part.

I heard the pastor preaching and all I can hear is “don’t do…”

“don’t drink”

“don’t smoke”

“don’t forget to read the bible every day”

“don’t forget to pray every day”

All I can hear is all those one-liners again. And it begs me to ask the question:


All of a sudden I was the kid.

So here I am waiting a reason that could make sense of all this. Maybe, maybe the dad that was in mcdonalds had a perfectly good reason not to allow his son to drink. Maybe one’s coffee and one’s coke and the kid reached for the coffee. Maybe the pastor had a reason too.

“if you truly believe that you are saved and that you are a Christian, this is what you’ll do”

I’ll cut to the chase here.

I think that reason is bullcrap.

So you’re telling me that if I don’t do these things I’m not a Christian? If I don’t do what you say because it is backed up by your version and interpretation of the bible, I dont believe that I’m saved and therefore, due to my unbelief I’m going to hell? Whats worse is that you’re telling me that if I don’t do these things, I don’t love Jesus?

Let me ask you a question.

Since when does Christianity have anything to do with doing?

Back in the ancient middle east, there’s a word for that. There were those people in that time who were concerned with the ‘what’ of things instead of the ‘why’ of things and then leading other people on to a reality that they can never live up to.

These were the people that were concerned with the ‘doing’ instead of the heart.

Those people were the Pharisees.

And when the Son of God, the object of their devotion, came down to tell them they had the wrong idea, they tried their best to prove Him wrong.

Sad, isn’t it?

Christianity was never meant to be a list of rules or a thing you’re supposed to get into. It’s never meant to be a ‘you’re either one of us or you’re out’ sort of thing.

Christianity isn’t even meant to be a religion.

Christianity is simply this:

I love you.

Stuffing up

And still be loved.

Screwing up

And still being called ‘my child’

Doing everything wrong

And still being called righteous.

At the end of the day, being a Christian has nothing to do with your walk or your actions or your words or your deeds.

It just boils down to three simple words.




That’s the Dad that we got.


I haz rawr sugar!

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Since the event of my new iPhone I have done one mega long post on my blog concerning my point of view in life at this point – and guess what?

I forgot to save it -_-



Can’t be so frustrated at myself as much as I am now -_- be sure though, I’m actually gonna keep up my blogging habits so that you kids can see what I’m up to!

Oh, and I saw some of your private blogs and read it over the days – just wanna say how proud I am of you kids writing these things down and expressing yourself 🙂 keep it up!

Right now I’m actually waiting for my train to arrive so that I can go to work. So I’m gonna be either vegging out or making blogs – hmmm…. Not sure which one I should do yet hehehe.

Back !

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Hello all!!!

I’ve just recently realized that my last blog post was on the 3rd of February – just about two months ago now.

O dear….

First of all let me just apologise to my readers out there who love reading my blog, most especially my kids who probably check wordpress often and get disappointed because there’s nothing there. I kinda get how you feel and it sucks to be waiting for something that never comes. I’ll do my darnest absolute best to keep on blogging. I’ve even installed an app on my new iPhone to keep and remind myself to blog.

So, on to more official things…

I’ve got a job in apple now 🙂 yes it’s pretty amazing and yes I did work in the iPad launch and yes it was incredibly tiring -_- I’m gonna be such a full fledged apple guy by the end of this all!!!

I’m currently living in Sydney and Song’s living about 2 hours away in a town called wollongong. So what happens is that I have to hop on a train or she pick me up and we clock about 4 hours every week of travel time to see each other.

What else can I update you with? Hmm…oh I sadly still have not yet found a home church and a youth that j can devote my time again 😦 maybe it’s Dad’s way of saying that I should still spend more time with my kids hehehe.

Oh and yes, I’ve been keeping up to date with you all. I still know what’s going on at the Rocks and I still know what’s going on in Ignite. congrats on the new building guys!! And yes…I have heard of the things that’s been going on – more on that later…

So I think that would be it for the day. Tune in for more soon and just remember….

I still think of you guys and gals constantly

Leader of the Pack

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My PRECIOUSSssss~~~~~!

Okay so yesterday we discussed the importance of selecting the right airline for the right destination. But there’s another thing that we have yet to learn in the art of air-travel. Do you know that guy/girl who knows EXACTLY what to do with themselves the moment they get to an airport? Do you have that person that you follow around when you travel?

Today I have my top tips on how you can be that guy. So on that note, off we go!

Edit: Since its so large, I”ll break this up into two parts: pre-airport and inflight.

Pre-airport Top 5

1. Always Always Make a List

Just about one out of every three people I talk to tell me that they always forget that ‘one’ thing during their initial packing, and then remember it by the time they get to the airport, or by the time they are in the car halfway to the airport. Some of my friends have it dawn on them halfway through the flight, which I coin the “Home Alone” moment.

Avoid this by simply making a list (keep it small, mind you) on what you want to bring. Passports and money should always be on top, or left on top of your suitcase, or put near your wallet and phone. Make this list about 3-4 days before your flight day and you’ll be surprised to see what you did and did not remember during your packing moments and most especially during your frantic packing moments, just 2-3 hours before you need to leave for the airport.

2. Pack Light, Pack Heavy, Pack However you want to pack

This can be a dangerous advice for some but just bear in mind what you need for the trip and then pack accordingly. Your list of NEEDS should always be packed prior to your list of WANTS. I know sometimes its hard to differentiate between the two but bear in mind the shopping that you are going to do there, or the foodstuff that you are going to buy, or that unexpected annoying relative/parent’s friends that wants you to bring something back with you for them, hoping that you’ll magically stuff it somewhere inside your ten-dimensional warpgate of a suitcase.

All in all, the best advice is to consider your trip and pack accordingly. Remember, when emergencies happen, chances are that there is that person who has overpacked and will lend their hair straightener/curler/t-shirt for you. Keep in mind you storage, which brings me to my next point:

3. Bag Space!

Your usual airline would allow a passenger to bring around 3-4 bags. 2 bags for the cabin totally perhaps between 20-27 kilos, 1 bag for the cabin and a handcarry bag/purse/backpack for the journey. In all my journeys and travels, airlines always check the weights of my check-in bag but they NEVER weigh my cabin bag or my handcarry bag. Use this to your advantage!

My most recent trip from Perth to Sydney included all of my room fitting into a small, black wheelie cabin bag that actually weighed more than my check-in bag (awesome!). To top it all off, I also had my handcarry CRAMMED with stuff like books and novels and my bible, and they never knew.


4. Invest in Fast-Forward Items

Some airlines would let you bypass this point, but for me who travels mostly on budget airlines, this is a must. Fast-Forward Items are substances, be it non-durable or durable (or edible and non-edible), that has the affinity of fast-forwarding your time in a flight. Believe me, 4-5 hours of flicking through the same inflight magazine can have devastating effects on your mental psyche.

For me, I have my personal kit of FFI’s listed below:

Fluffy Pillow/Neck Pillow: Basic creature comfort.

– Cup of Instant Noodles: try surviving a flight without any grub and you’ll see how long it’ll last you.

– 500mL bottle of Water: Nowadays airports allow water bottles to come in, even if they are full of water. Seems like they’ve upgraded their hardware somewhat.

– iPod: Or any other listening device would do. Some airlines just have majorly bad entertainment.

– Book/Magazine: I prefer a nice crime fiction novel or a book by one of my favorite authors. Song prefers a nice magazine. Whatever tickles your fancy really.

– Medication: If you hate ear depressurisations, headaches, or even if you just wanna get knocked out for the duration of the entire flight.

– Laptop/gaming device/other: This I put last only because it largely depends on how much space you have left on you. By all means bring a laptop and a charger so that you can watch movies to your heart’s content if space and the airline allows you to. Some airline even have inflight wi-fi equipped as well.

I strongly suggest you buy a couple of magazines or drinks or food outside of the airport, but in a pinch, convenience stores and newsagents inside should have ample supply of what you need. Bear in mind that they’ll use the opportunity to squander a few extra dollars off you.

5. Web Check-ins are AWESOME!

Most airlines nowadays give you the option of checking in on the web. This allows for very fun things to happen in your journey. No longer will you have to wait those arduous lines at the airport, wasting the time you can use to say goodbye to your friend or even enjoy a pre-flight latte. No longer will you have to be at the mercy of the check-in hostess who has the power to give you your desired window/aisle seat, when there were 20 other people asking for the same thing. And No longer will you have to scamper off and panic because once you are checked in, airlines by law are required to call you personally several times before listing you off as a ‘no-show’.

Oh, just make sure that when you are in your honeymoon or you are in other cases eligible for an upgrade, you check-in IN PERSON. This will give you a possibility, I repeat, a possibility, that you’ll be upgraded to a business class.

Quick note on airplane seat choosing:

– It is better to sit in the front of the wings than sit in the back. That way you get out of the plane faster. The only exception to this rule is when you are travelling on a small plane. Usually the seats cut off at row 14. Anything past Row 14 gets to exit from the back of the plane.

– If you hate noise from the engine, sit either in front or behind the wings. There is less noise pollution this way.

– With regards to aisle vs. window seats. Both have their pros and cons. Being a tall person, I love having the aisle seat, but this leaves me vulnerable to resting my head on stranger’s shoulders when I sleep. Also, one time during one of my flights to Brisbane-Sydney, we went past a thunderstorm, just when I was sitting on a window seat on the right side of the plane. It was beautiful. So its your call, really.

Tune in for more tips tomorrow!


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"Sayy WAAAAAATT!? The parade was cancelled!?"

Okay for some reason or another, I was immensely motivated to write about what seems to be the single most underestimated and misunderstood subject that I have encountered so far. Yep, you’ve all experienced it, yep, you’ve all taken part in this culture and yep, you’ve all been given slack and have been labelled and have been called otherwise on it.

I’m here to talk about gaming.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in the gaming scene. The first ever game that I’ve had was the Legend of Zelda in SNES (for those of you who are too young to know – that’s the grey box that’s better than the Nintendo). That’s right. I was practically brought up in games. So much so that even now in what people would be calling the ‘young adult’ stage, I’m still into gaming. But here’s the thing – I’m really exasperated about what people are saying in terms of the gaming culture.

Gaming can be considered the ‘bane’ of life in some areas. There are tons of people out there that are ready to dismiss gaming as a wasted pastime. There are others who go even beyond that, saying that it promotes violence, gang wars, and the like. But the problem is that most of those people who are commenting about the gaming culture has never been inside the culture per se – therefore making them unable to comment about it in an unbiased perspective. Here’s where the problem starts.

Non-gamer commentators, mind you, start to publish their findings on media that we consider ‘unbiased’ – you name it. Current Affair shows, news telecasts, newspapers, and the like. This makes them ‘feasible’ and an ‘unbiased’ source of information for John/Jane Doe to look at and say: “OMG my kid’s up to no good!”

Check this article out that practically trolled the new Xbox Kinect:

go ahead, click on the link, I”ll be waiting for you to come back.

This is what I want to tell the whole world about.

You think of the average gamer and an image of an overly fat guy living in his mom’s basement with a pizza on one hand and a mouse in the other. For some reason or another this image has persisted everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that there are gamers out there who are probably doing this, I know that there are gamers out there that take gaming too much and I know there are gamers who have nothing to do (or nothing they want to do) beside gaming. In no way am I encouraging this lifestyle, but guess what? There are girls/guys out there sitting in front of a TV and watching fourteen straight episodes of the latest crime fiction and/or korean drama too.

My point is this: People – STOP giving us gamers the death stare.

Gaming for me has increased my capacity mentally and if I can dip my feet in dangerous, shark infested waters, spiritually. Back in my WoW Playing days, I learnt a lot on leadership, on how to lead and connect a team together to bring down a common enemy. I knew what it felt like to team up with 3 other people and raze a city full of proverbially bad guys, requiring the most detailed co-ordination and the most precise timing to be able to pull it off without any of us dying in the process. I learnt how to control my anger, quell my frustrations and how to grow up – thinking of what could be done better instead of throwing temper tantrums and playing the blame game. Mind you I also learnt temperance – how to STOP playing when the time comes for me to concentrate back in my life.

I say this to all the people reading this blog – try gaming a little.

Some people have their crime dramas/tv shows every 8.30pm weekday nights.

Some people have their ‘jazz’ fix going to the jazz bar here and there.

Some people just HAVE to have their Korean drama fix.

Some people cannot LIVE without perving at one or two hot Korean boys.

We have our gaming.


PS. For those who are concerned moms and dads out there that think that I’m trying to build their children into gaming machines, know that the gaming culture actually looks and frowns down upon our members who cannot control themselves and neglect any and every aspect of their life just for gaming. We also frown upon those who use gaming as an excuse to mete out violence, approve drug-seeking behaviour, and anything else that the news have been reporting so far.

and one more thought –

Correlation does not prove causation.


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So here’s the thing – I wanna break you guys in to one of my most favorite author/speakers.

Ran outta juice…

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okay so I’m officially a little bit out of juice – I’d like some comments from you guys about some blog topics you wanna know about. Be quick though! I wanna make sure everyone gets a blog turn! 🙂


Just post under this comment…err….Comment under this post and then I’ll definitely make sure I’ll blog about it.

Hasta Manyana Amigos!

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