I’ve been wondering a lot of things lately.

They’re the things I always think about and could never find an answer for.

Like why do girls insist on wearing shorts / short skirts in 8 degree weather.

Why do people press the pedestrian button at the traffic lights and then run across the road anyway.

How come no matter how the closer you live to church you’ll still be late for it anyway?

And one question that’s been bugging me most is why in the world is there no cheap places to eat at Sydney CBD???

After a while of thinking and rehearsing I realised that all the things I’ve been wondering about – be it shorts in winter or jaywalking – it’s not about whether they have answers. It’s just about asking the question.

I find that when I’m wondering about something, the first step to any sort of answer I’m thinking about is simply to ask the question.

This weekend I hated my life.

I seriously hated most of the things about it.

I hated the way that I have to go to work everyday only to find that I’m not filled by what I do. I hated the fact that I give my all at work and yet there are just some of those who doesn’t want to pull their weight and I’m forced to do their work on top of mine. I hated that I have not yet found friends in this so called popular city.

I hated that I was here.

Jack Johnson describes my feelings perfectly in one of his songs. I just want to be a thousand miles away at times.

Just to be somewhere else

Anywhere else

Any place else but here.