Ya know nowadays I always take a 2 hour train ride home.

What with Song’s place so far away from the city and all that, it means I have to take the train back and forth. The journey translated to Perth language would be like from Joondalup to Fremantle.

It’s a very long thumb twiddling session.

At any rate, what DO you do in 2 hours of sitting down? I’m gonna quickly glance around to see what everyone else is doing.

There’s a guy talking to another guy. Hmm…okay.

There’s a guy looking outside the window, pouting. Maybe he left something and forgot to bring it in a place two hours ago. Wouldn’t wanna be in his shoes.

There’s another guy playing on his iPhone. ooo! Apple brothaz!

Hang on a sec, why are the people in my carriage all guys?

Oh wait, there’s a girl there. She’s talking to another girl about another girl whose nail polish matches the nail polish of the girl she’s talking to. Confused? So am I.

Me? What am I doing?

I guess I’m reflecting.

Every single 2 hour train ride I’m on I like to take part of that time to just…reflect.

Just to remember things back then.

To remind myself of how Dad let people cross my path, people who developed who I am.

There were the good – mum, sister, friends, Kids, Song

The bad – mum, sister, that fat girl in 6th grade who always bullied me

And the ugly – mum, sis, and that other fat kid on 5th grade who bullied me.

Most of all right now though, I’m thinking of my Angels.

I remembered the time we have hanging out and having fun. I remembered that we went to dominos at like friggin 8pm at night and sit out and eat and play big two slumming outside at the park.

I remembered the time when we actually took the bus home countless of times and then I took the bus/train back. That was tons of fun!

I remembered when we played super smash bros and watched house under the guise of ‘helping’ out the games team for the ignite camp. I remembered the trouble I got into from pike subsequently afterwards – it was worth it xD

I remembered also the awesome time we had just hanging at home and watching sherlock Holmes and hanging out so late to the point that I had to sleepover Maestro’s house.

Most of all, I remembered the Sunday morning when I got this.

Yep, that’s right.

I still have it.

I Welcome you all to the Artifact.

These items, well they may mean nuts to others, but tell you what, these are incredibly precious to me.

To me, these are gateways to the time I once had.

Whenever I hold this in my hand, I remember.

We were sitting, all five of us including Ivan then, on the 2nd row to the front. I had the coffee in my hand and pastor D was preaching.

I remembered how disgusting the coffee was, but it was honestly the best coffee I’ve ever tasted.

I remembered that I was silently thanking Dad that for the first time in my life, I didn’t want to be anyone else except me.

That for the first time ever in my life,

I’m truly happy to have what I have.

So here I am in the train, about a year after that. Smiling contently because the only thing that I can think of was how funny you Angels were in my life and how awesome it was to have you here.

I know this blog is just about all I have left to contact you kids and I know that sometimes it’s not enough. Just know that you will all be in my heart forever Angels. And I want this blog to be a small glimpse of your home in my heart.

My two hour train ride is almost over, FINALLY! but there is something inside me that I just cant shrug off. I realized every time I think of you Kids,

Well I want the ride to begin all over again.