With my work in Apple, I have an hour each day that I can fully devote to eating.




Sydney’s so big and so diverse that i can always get whatever it is that I fancy for that day. From noodle bars to Italian pizzas, from chinese takeaways to French crepes, from even German bakeries to Japanese sushis.

It was just a foodie’s heaven.

Yet despite all this, there’s always one place that can expect me to come most of my lunchtime.


Yeah, I know right? It’s either them or that Coles deli across the street where I buy some chicken and instant noodles and combine them together in the microwave.

So anyway, I was in mcDonalds the other that and I just had a thought pop up to me. It was like some kind of film playing in my head. It was Soooooooo weird…

I saw this dad with his son, and they bought cheeseburgers. The dad had two drinks and while he was eating, the kid reached out to take one of it, but the dad didn’t allow him, saying: “don’t drink that.”

Weirdest thing ever I tell you.

So straight away my reaction was actually similar to the kid’s.


And thats when I came back from my daydreaming, broken by the awesome phrase “next please!”

When I sat down, I can’t stop thinking.


Why can’t that kid have a drink?

I mean c’mon, you got two on the table there, you can’t drink both. The reason why you actually bought two was to give one for your son right? So why is it now you’re actually forbidding him to drink?

It really didn’t make sense.

What a nonsense one-liner.

I’m now in church.

Yeah my daydreams are crazy like that. One moment I’m munching on my deluxe chicken the next moment I see myself in a church. But that wasn’t the weird part.

I heard the pastor preaching and all I can hear is “don’t do…”

“don’t drink”

“don’t smoke”

“don’t forget to read the bible every day”

“don’t forget to pray every day”

All I can hear is all those one-liners again. And it begs me to ask the question:


All of a sudden I was the kid.

So here I am waiting a reason that could make sense of all this. Maybe, maybe the dad that was in mcdonalds had a perfectly good reason not to allow his son to drink. Maybe one’s coffee and one’s coke and the kid reached for the coffee. Maybe the pastor had a reason too.

“if you truly believe that you are saved and that you are a Christian, this is what you’ll do”

I’ll cut to the chase here.

I think that reason is bullcrap.

So you’re telling me that if I don’t do these things I’m not a Christian? If I don’t do what you say because it is backed up by your version and interpretation of the bible, I dont believe that I’m saved and therefore, due to my unbelief I’m going to hell? Whats worse is that you’re telling me that if I don’t do these things, I don’t love Jesus?

Let me ask you a question.

Since when does Christianity have anything to do with doing?

Back in the ancient middle east, there’s a word for that. There were those people in that time who were concerned with the ‘what’ of things instead of the ‘why’ of things and then leading other people on to a reality that they can never live up to.

These were the people that were concerned with the ‘doing’ instead of the heart.

Those people were the Pharisees.

And when the Son of God, the object of their devotion, came down to tell them they had the wrong idea, they tried their best to prove Him wrong.

Sad, isn’t it?

Christianity was never meant to be a list of rules or a thing you’re supposed to get into. It’s never meant to be a ‘you’re either one of us or you’re out’ sort of thing.

Christianity isn’t even meant to be a religion.

Christianity is simply this:

I love you.

Stuffing up

And still be loved.

Screwing up

And still being called ‘my child’

Doing everything wrong

And still being called righteous.

At the end of the day, being a Christian has nothing to do with your walk or your actions or your words or your deeds.

It just boils down to three simple words.




That’s the Dad that we got.