Hello all!!!

I’ve just recently realized that my last blog post was on the 3rd of February – just about two months ago now.

O dear….

First of all let me just apologise to my readers out there who love reading my blog, most especially my kids who probably check wordpress often and get disappointed because there’s nothing there. I kinda get how you feel and it sucks to be waiting for something that never comes. I’ll do my darnest absolute best to keep on blogging. I’ve even installed an app on my new iPhone to keep and remind myself to blog.

So, on to more official things…

I’ve got a job in apple now 🙂 yes it’s pretty amazing and yes I did work in the iPad launch and yes it was incredibly tiring -_- I’m gonna be such a full fledged apple guy by the end of this all!!!

I’m currently living in Sydney and Song’s living about 2 hours away in a town called wollongong. So what happens is that I have to hop on a train or she pick me up and we clock about 4 hours every week of travel time to see each other.

What else can I update you with? Hmm…oh I sadly still have not yet found a home church and a youth that j can devote my time again 😦 maybe it’s Dad’s way of saying that I should still spend more time with my kids hehehe.

Oh and yes, I’ve been keeping up to date with you all. I still know what’s going on at the Rocks and I still know what’s going on in Ignite. congrats on the new building guys!! And yes…I have heard of the things that’s been going on – more on that later…

So I think that would be it for the day. Tune in for more soon and just remember….

I still think of you guys and gals constantly