"Sayy WAAAAAATT!? The parade was cancelled!?"

Okay for some reason or another, I was immensely motivated to write about what seems to be the single most underestimated and misunderstood subject that I have encountered so far. Yep, you’ve all experienced it, yep, you’ve all taken part in this culture and yep, you’ve all been given slack and have been labelled and have been called otherwise on it.

I’m here to talk about gaming.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in the gaming scene. The first ever game that I’ve had was the Legend of Zelda in SNES (for those of you who are too young to know – that’s the grey box that’s better than the Nintendo). That’s right. I was practically brought up in games. So much so that even now in what people would be calling the ‘young adult’ stage, I’m still into gaming. But here’s the thing – I’m really exasperated about what people are saying in terms of the gaming culture.

Gaming can be considered the ‘bane’ of life in some areas. There are tons of people out there that are ready to dismiss gaming as a wasted pastime. There are others who go even beyond that, saying that it promotes violence, gang wars, and the like. But the problem is that most of those people who are commenting about the gaming culture has never been inside the culture per se – therefore making them unable to comment about it in an unbiased perspective. Here’s where the problem starts.

Non-gamer commentators, mind you, start to publish their findings on media that we consider ‘unbiased’ – you name it. Current Affair shows, news telecasts, newspapers, and the like. This makes them ‘feasible’ and an ‘unbiased’ source of information for John/Jane Doe to look at and say: “OMG my kid’s up to no good!”

Check this article out that practically trolled the new Xbox Kinect:


go ahead, click on the link, I”ll be waiting for you to come back.

This is what I want to tell the whole world about.

You think of the average gamer and an image of an overly fat guy living in his mom’s basement with a pizza on one hand and a mouse in the other. For some reason or another this image has persisted everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that there are gamers out there who are probably doing this, I know that there are gamers out there that take gaming too much and I know there are gamers who have nothing to do (or nothing they want to do) beside gaming. In no way am I encouraging this lifestyle, but guess what? There are girls/guys out there sitting in front of a TV and watching fourteen straight episodes of the latest crime fiction and/or korean drama too.

My point is this: People – STOP giving us gamers the death stare.

Gaming for me has increased my capacity mentally and if I can dip my feet in dangerous, shark infested waters, spiritually. Back in my WoW Playing days, I learnt a lot on leadership, on how to lead and connect a team together to bring down a common enemy. I knew what it felt like to team up with 3 other people and raze a city full of proverbially bad guys, requiring the most detailed co-ordination and the most precise timing to be able to pull it off without any of us dying in the process. I learnt how to control my anger, quell my frustrations and how to grow up – thinking of what could be done better instead of throwing temper tantrums and playing the blame game. Mind you I also learnt temperance – how to STOP playing when the time comes for me to concentrate back in my life.

I say this to all the people reading this blog – try gaming a little.

Some people have their crime dramas/tv shows every 8.30pm weekday nights.

Some people have their ‘jazz’ fix going to the jazz bar here and there.

Some people just HAVE to have their Korean drama fix.

Some people cannot LIVE without perving at one or two hot Korean boys.

We have our gaming.


PS. For those who are concerned moms and dads out there that think that I’m trying to build their children into gaming machines, know that the gaming culture actually looks and frowns down upon our members who cannot control themselves and neglect any and every aspect of their life just for gaming. We also frown upon those who use gaming as an excuse to mete out violence, approve drug-seeking behaviour, and anything else that the news have been reporting so far.

and one more thought –

Correlation does not prove causation.