I heard from a lot of people that talked to me, and believe you me I hear this a lot, most especially when they talk about how high I am.

“Good things come in small packages”

Now that doesn’t bring me down at all (I hope you get the pun), but I started to think. Amidst the amount of examples they give me, ranging from diamond rings to car keys and how small gifts in christmas usually means its worth a LOT more, I started thinking –

Why DO good things come in small packages?

I looked to my experiences and my memories to find the answer to this. I really don’t know whether there is any truth in what I’m finding out.

Then it came to me.

What has been the most impacting thing that people said about you?

I bet its less than 5 words.

“I’m proud of you”

“I love you so much”

“You did a great job”

“You’re such an awesome person”

Last Sunday I had what was possibly one of the worst times of my life. I’m here with no job, no friends, no kids, and I was sinking deep into despair. It felt as if all the posts and signs I had in life was pulled out, then someone spun me around and shoved me down to the ground. Last Sunday I was ready to give up.

Then when I was worshipping in a strange church that I don’t even know, 5 words came flashing on the screen.

“God is all I need”

Suddenly everything … doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

All that time I had wondering and worrying and thinking whaddifs and howwells and then moaning about how life is so hard and how a house is so expensive, all that time believing a lie that I need to have lots and lots and lots of money to be able to be happy.

All that time thinking “If I just….. Then I’d be…”

If I just…

I just…


I don’t even know how to continue that sentence anymore.

Sometimes when you’re presented with true life, the one source of life, everything else seems to pale in comparison. Everything else seems to take its place in what is the mundane reality of this world.

God is all I need.

I thought a house would make me happy. I thought making my wife happy would make me happy. I thought being able to provide the things that makes my family happy would therefore make my wife happy and that would make me happy. I thought all the thoughts that I could about what could make me happy and I finally realised that what I needed to be happy was what I had all along.

Just because of 5 simple words.







When have you given those 5-word life-changers to your friends? Try it, its nothing hard, its nothing complex. Just make sure you mean it.

Maybe that time, well, just maybe that time will be the time that you’ll realise further down along the track what would be known as the beginning of that person’s change.

5 words – its all it takes.