Something dawned on me today as I was blogfesting…I haven’t really given an update on what’s going on in my life! And here I was thinking that I was doing a great job blogging about my life. Sorry guys and gals – okay goes.

2010 – 2011 Updates:

mm…where do I start? Mexico was absolutely amazing. It was like the best and worst times of my life part 2. I met people – a LOT of people. There was a guy named Alfredo – He became our translator after talking to us and accepting Jesus into his heart. We got to see him being baptised in a pool that smelled like eggs. Who knows how many people got to be saved thru him?

My 22nd Birthday was a tad bit boring – nothing going on because all my kids were a bit busy and also I tried to do something which kinda fell through. Wished it could be a bit better but owh well, life’s life.

Christmas in sydney is pretty amazing. I got a LOT of gifts from Allie’s side of the family and I realised something – CHRISTMAS IS AWESOME! Man..I would love to spend Christmas again with them.

I’m gonna be going to Jakarta on the 4th of Feb until the 14th of Feb…and I’m gonna be taking Song with me! This is gonna be the first time that she’s gonna see my parents so nervousness aside…I can’t wait to chowdown on the FOOD!

About sometime this weekend I found out that there is a big chance I might be working for APPLE! DREAM JOB MANN!! THAT”S CRAZY! Anyway, I got interviewed 3x by them and they wanted to quickly process my background check – so fingers crossed and please pray for me! hehehe.

I found the BEST CHOCOLATE PLACE in the WORLD called MAX BRENNER in Sydney! Song and I regularly go there just for fun 🙂 Its gonna be our favorite date place.

I think that’s about it…Tune in 🙂