Ahhh Hello world!

So glad to be back on my feet 🙂

First of all, thanks to those who have prayed for/made offerings for/laid hands upon me for my health. As you can see, what you did worked 🙂 I’m back to terrorise the usual world of blogging.

I was on the train on my way back to Sydney yesterday, and a thought popped into my head.

There are so many things that affected me in my life. So many things that I can say and so many that I can’t. Needless to say, I’ve lived quite a life until now. Problem is…I just never realised it.

You know that time, that moment when you can just think about anything you want? That moment when you can imagine what your life would be like, who you’d marry, what job you’ll be working, what house you’ll have and all that jazz? I had that moment 5 years ago.

And 5 years ago, I asked myself the question: “What will I be doing in 5 years’ time?”

There’s a particular boy in a particular school whose teacher asked him that same question. He replied: “I’ll be asking myself again where I’ll be in the next 5 years” – which is just the answer I’m looking for.

5 years ago I was the one asking myself what I’ll do in 5 years, and to be very honest with you kids, most things on that list didn’t get completed.

I haven’t got a house.

I haven’t got a car.

I haven’t got a large enough salary package that I can make said house and car into a gaming centre.

I haven’t gotten into medicine.

And I haven’t gotten over my gaming phase yet (I know the above said that I’m gonna turn my house and car into a gaming centre – you see how torn I am?)

So I was on that train, on my journey back home, and I realised…

What HAVE I been doing this past 5 years?

It honestly felt like a waste.

At that moment, I was looking out the window and feeling a little bit remorseful for ‘not trying hard enough’ or ‘not giving it my all’, even though in hindsight, I have done both things.

So I did what anyone does when they have a problem. They look upwards and say: “Why?”

Why haven’t the doors been opened for me?

You wanna know what He said?








“What doors?”







Turns out that our Dad doesn’t see life as doors and knobs. He sees it as it is – Life.

Yep, I haven’t gotten myself a house yet, but I’ve made a home in the hearts of many Kids. Some of whom are still reading my blog until now – and tell ya what, they’ve made a home in mine. I wouldn’t trade my memories with them for any mansion in the world.

Yep, I haven’t gotten myself a car, but with every car that I technically do not own but use, I had that moment to drive around my kids everywhere. I loved it.

I don’t have a gaming centre (or do I?), but I’ve had a lot of fun in South Africa, Malaysia and Mexico.

and I haven’t gone through my gaming phase yet (at this rate I don’t think I ever will) – because I’m a kid inside and I do want to have fun.


So you see, it turns out that I have accomplished a lot these past 5 years. Mind you, not the things that I thought I would.

But I found out that when you listen to Dad and just trust Him…

Well you’ll just accomplish the things that matter.