Okay…Gotta say something quite hard at this point in time.

I do Apologize for the non-existence of my blog post yesterday, even though I did say that I’m gonna do this once every day, just hang on with me, I do have a very valid reason.

After about puking my guts out four times in the last two hours, yesterday the worried Allie went and took me to the hospital

well… I was so dehydrated I couldn’t pee.

Anyways, the moment we all arrived in the emergency room I got seen by a nurse (or in my case, murse) straight away and got hooked up to a bag of fluids. I didn’t imagine my very first bag of IV would be just plain saline and fluids, not so fun. And after waiting for about 3.5 hours, the doctor saw me, gave me a glass of water (boo…) and a bottle of drugs (yay!) and sent us home at 2am in the morning.

And the most awesome thing is that all of that is completely FREE!

So think of this as a little bit of a hiatus from me blogging but guys, I should be back on my feet pretty soon.

Ciao and please pray for me šŸ™‚